Tour Suggestions for West Timor

Road trips through West Timor can be tons of fun. However, you should plan your trip carefully. While many routes here can be done by scooter independently, some attractions, like the Boti tribe, require a local guide and a 4WD vehicle to access. Wherever you go, please make sure to bring enough cash, as ATMs can be a rare sight in some more rural areas. Also please remember to avoid traveling the outskirts after 3pm, so you’re not stuck in the dark when you have a flat tire.

The following map shows many major & minor attractions of West Timor. To help you with getting to many of these attractions, you will find trip suggestions further down the page.

Itinerary #1: Kupang to SOE ( Sasando workshop, oesusu waterfall, Noelmina Bridge, Oehala Waterfall, Soe)

ITINERARY #2: guided tRibal Tour soe ( soe, niki-niki market, boti tribal village, none tribal village, soe)

ITINERARY #3: Crystal Cave and White Sand Beaches ( Kupang, Crystal Cave, Tablolong Beach, Kupang)

Many more to come!