Traditional Markets

Women in West Timor, produce exquisite and unique Ikat cloth. These traditionally weaved, artworks are sold by these women ate weekly markets. Here you will find quality Ikat incredibly cheap compared to elsewhere. This is the closest to the source you can get.


Weekly Markets:

  • Tuesday – Oinlasi
  • Wednesday – Niki Niki
  • Thursday – Ayotupas

Niki-Niki market


If you are staying in Soe and want to visit the Boti tribe, you may want to plan your trip on a Wednesday so you could stop by at Niki Niki halfway. This market is as authentic as it gets and features many diverse local goods sold. From betelnut and limestone powder to electronics, to traditional ikat weavings and spices. This market has all you need for a new culture shock.

Oinlasi  market


This is the biggest traditional market in West Timor. 

Ayotupas market