Tablolong BEach

This beach is only around 1 hour from Kupang and has pristine white sands that so many of us seek. It also offers comfortable seating spaces, small venues to have lunch and a spot of mangrove trees to climb on. The beach itself is very long and spaced out, so there are many options for you to find that one perfect spot to relax.

The coastal road next to the beach is a bit bumpy, after getting through the entrance, but makes for a unique coastal drive. From the entrance to the end of the coastal road, it’s about 10 minutes by scooter. There are many parking options for your bike. If you drive till the end and park at the homestay, you will find a small venue to have lunch. The beach itself is stunning and a straight picture of paradise. Fine, white sand combined with calm turquoise water makes for a high color contrast for your photos. When swimming here, please be aware that there is a slight current. The beach is excellent for swimming. However the visibility at this end of the beach isn’t the best for snorkeling.

If you like snorkeling, it is much more convenient to go to the spot of mangrove trees, which are about 500m to the right, past an abandoned building. You will find an incredibly idyllic plot of a handful of mangrove trees, which are great for climbing and selfies. The visibility of the water here makes it a very suitable snorkeling spot. There are no coral reefs. However there are some lonely corals tucked away behind those complex shaped mangrove roots, which are an attraction all by themselves.

Distance to Kupang: 1 hour by scooter

Entrance fee: 5000 IDR