Savu (Sabu)

Savu (not to be confused with Savu Savu, Fiji!) is a very remote island, with rugged landscapes and friendly people. The island is encircled by beautiful coral reefs and white sand beaches. The climate in Savu is similarly dry as West Timor, due to its vicinity to Australia. Savu also boasts traditional villages, megalithic stones as well as strong historical connections to Javanese Hinduism. However, animistic beliefs are still widely practiced across the island.

A traditional greeting on Savu is performed, by pressing each other’s noses. Agriculture on Savu is very unique, their gardens are eerily similar to modern permacultural practices. 

 The Savu Marine National Park is a great excuse to go there for diving, five of six turtle species, as well as endangered species such as the sperm whale,  can be easily tracked down in this area.


How to get there?

Ferry: The ferry to Savu leaves on Friday at 4pm from Kupang and costs 76.5k IDR per person.

Flights: There are no flight connections to Savu.

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