Sasando is another cultural heritage, that is unique to West Timor. A short visit from Kupang to the workshop and studio is highly encouraged. You will be greeted by one of the siblings, who may either play the instrument, build it, or sing to it. Everyone has their designated role in this family business. For a voluntary donation, one of the family members will connect a Sasando to the amplifier and jam out some songs. The 32-strings and the acoustic shape of the instrument will give any favorite western song a unique layer of depth to it. Based on their stories and their music you can tell the strong passion these people have for this instrument. The Sasando players also collaborated with other artists from the Nusa Tenggara Timur region before. Visitors can also put on the hat and try to play the instrument themselves. Their unique style of art and skill has allowed them to travel the world. They have been to Europe, Moscow, and the United States before.


It is told, that the instrument was first invented by two shepherds on Rote island, who found a piece of wood that sounded funny. They started playing with it and kept improving on the design, passing down this skill for generations. The younger generation’s family member, seen in the picture to the right, has even built a free mount, which has allowed him to play the instrument while walking around in Time’s square.

If you are curious about detailed information regarding Sasando, such as background info and used materials, we suggest heading to its wiki. 


Distance to Kupang: 30 minutes by scooter

Suggested Donation: Around 50k IDR seems appropriate.

Location: Oebelo, on the route between Kupang and Soe

 We also have suggested some trips, which include a stop by the Sasando workshop, which is conveniently right next to the main road.