Kupang is the capital of West Timor and Nusa Tenggara Timur. Even though this city will be very different from your home, you will quickly feel like you belong here. Kupang has a mixed atmosphere of a calm beach kind of vibe, combined with the chaotic and impulsive vibes of a student town. 

For many visitors, Kupang is a logistical transit point to go to remote dive or surf locations at first. However, they soon recognize the unique charm and kindness that can be experienced in Kupang. Have you looked at a map and wondered where Kupang’s city center is? It doesn’t really have one! The entire city is pretty evenly spaced out, so there’s no congested touristy area or central marketplace. There is slightly more traffic near the waterfront tho, which boasts some bigger hotels and restaurants. Part of what adds to the chaotic charming vibe of this city is the local’s choice of transport. The Bemo. These comically pimped minibusses roam the streets day and night. Offering a ride to anyone who needs to commute in the same direction. Even though the city doesn’t boast many tourist attractions, there are numerous unique attractions in the surrounding areas.


Gojek and Grab are not available in Kupang, as mentioned, the Bemo will be your best option. We have a guide to all transport options, please visit here.

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