East Timor

East Timor also has the official Portuguese name of “Timor-Leste.” Fun Fact: “Timor” being Indo-Malay for “East,” and “Leste” meaning “East” in Portuguese. This means the country is called East- East.  Fun Fact 2: East Timor is the only Asian country, wholly located under the equator.

90% of East Timor are Catholic, while many locals still practice animistic beliefs.  The official languages are still Tetum and Portuguese, however, Indonesian is still widely spoken throughout the country. This makes East Timor the only Portuguese speaking country in Asia. East Timor is incredibly diverse, there are around 37 unique indigenous languages.

Similar to West Timor, East Timor boasts authentic tribal culture, unspoiled shorelines, and warm, welcoming locals.  Compared to West Timor, East Timor’s terrain is much more mountainous and also doesn’t have any volcanoes. It is also home to the Nino Konis Santana National Park. There are many unique animals to be found here, including the yellow-crested cockatoo, the Timor Shrew, the Timor green pigeon and also pythons.



How to get there?

Keep in Mind, that East Timor is an independent country, and you may need to get a Visa, although some states may enter visa-free for a limited time period.

Ferry: There are no regular ferries to East Timor. However, East Timor is a destination for some cruise ships.

Flights: You can fly from the capital of Dili from Bali, Singapore or Australia. Keep in mind, there are no direct flights from West to East Timor. 

Bus: Getting from Kupang to East Timor, takes around 11 hours by bus. Please keep in mind, there is no visa on arrival available for purchase at the land border.

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