Alor island

This unique island mainly attracts tourists for its watersports (diving and fishing). However, this island also has a beautiful terrain and a very unique tribal culture. The capital of Alor is Kalabahi. You will most likely stay there during your trip.

Most Alorites originate from Papuan ethnicities and actively use more than a dozen different languages. Three-fourths of the population are Protestants, although many inhabitants still practice their animistic beliefs as well.

Alor is also home to a unique instrument called Moko drum, which is a crucial prop to many ceremonies shaping the culture of Alor. The origin of these Drums have been traced back to Vietnam; however, no one knows how they ended up on Alor.

Just like most of the NTT region, Pulau Alor also boasts beautiful, lonely white sand beaches, luke warm waterfalls and welcoming locals. Considering how easy it is to get there, by a plane a short trip to Alor is definitely worth it. Even if you’re not that attracted to watersports, there is enough beautiful terrain, friendly islanders and unique culture to make unique memories.

How to get there?

Flights: There are several flights a day, by Wings Air, Transnusa Air and NAM Air. And it takes about an hour to reach. Flight tickets for Wings Air and NAM air can be purchased online. Transnusa tickets can’t be bought online.

Ferry: The ferry from Kupang to Alor runs twice a week, takes around 18 hours and leaves from Bolok, which is the same harbour as the ferry to Rote Island. Please account for potential delays, as the weather can be unreliable during the summer months.  Ferry Tickets can be purchased directly at the harbour.

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